Run River North at Vinyl 4/16/14 / by Jon Whittaker

You probably don't know of Run River North, but you will soon enough. On a chilly Wednesday evening a select few were treated to the bands performance at Atlanta's own, best known little venue, Vinyl. I hate to tell people that a band is like so and so on here but I feel the need. Run River North touches on quite a few sounds. Everything from Mumford and Sons, Of Monsters and Men, Imagine Dragons, to a tinge of M Wards vocals here and there. The band has "pop" sensibility but manages to stay on the fringe of that. Maintaining  a distinct sound that belongs to them.

Live they spun through most of their songs off of their new, self titled release. Splashed with a few covers that were only altered to make it their own. Each time making you think "What is that song?!?!? Oh yeah... SWEET!"

I have to give an unprofessional revue here because I was so blown away by them. I actually bought their cd at the show. I never do that. I shoot and attend a bazillion shows, some great, some not so great. But this band blew my mind. I almost forgot to take pictures because I got so lost in their sound. They seem to fit a lot of genres that I am particular to. Everything from 4 part harmonies, to some mandolin and violin, male/ male female vocals, to some of my favorite sounds of that soft quiet start that builds to sonic razor blades and finishes with you catching your breath. To say I was moved by this band is an understatement. It rarely happens but it does happen. The next day, within a few hours, I had already turned about 30 people on to them easily. This is a band to watch. They will grow and grow quickly.

Check them out!

As Ive always said, venture out on a weeknight, to a tiny venue of a band you haven't heard before. You might be standing in front of the next Mumford.