The Fox Theatre's 1st Rock the Block party 6/7/15 / by Jon Whittaker

It was a pleasure and an honor to shoot The Fabulous Fox Theatres Rock The Block party in celebration of saving the theater from destruction 40 years ago.
Shooting festivals for promoters or owners of festivals creates various challenges. When shooting for a publication you worry about mainly the bands, a little crowd, and some goings on. When shooting for promoters or owners you have a considerable more amount of ground to cover... Like... ALL of it! First and foremost, the sponsors, then the layout, signage, ALL of the goings on, the vendors, tons of fan shots, and dont forget to get the bands they paid for. While you are trying to remember to get all of this, your brain goes in to overdrive trying to scout out and frame shots to make it interesting. For someone like myself (a.d.d!) its a nightmare and a dream, and Im always up for a challenge.
Much thanks and gratitude to The Fox for reaching out to me!
Enjoy the pics!

For- The Fox Theatre, Atlanta, GA