Uh Huh Her at The Loft 5/29/14 / by Jon Whittaker

So yeah. Sorry these took so long to post. I have been avoiding it horribly. Not my best work at all due to a lot of factors like I couldn't get a good spot, tons of fog, and low lights. Just made for a bad night for me. I didn't even turn these in.
The girls we so unbelievably nice and hospitable with me that I feel I owe at least a few shots to them for their kindness! As well as the response I got from just the teaser shot on Instagram from their fans, and Cam and Leisha themselves.
My review of the show itself? Couldn't have been any better! Uh Huh Her puts on an amazing show that wont disappoint! Dont miss them!

And now for your viewing enjoyment...

*For- Center Stage*