Album Of The Year Review... Sort of. / by Jon Whittaker

*I have only ever written one other review for my site. This is more about an experience than it is an album review*

Its only October 19th, but I am bravely going to go ahead and call my album of the year! I may eat my words but it wouldn't be the first time. So here it goes...

Caspian- Dust And Disquiet

How I came about this band and album is thankfully connected to my photography gig. Their show this past Saturday was on both my promoters list so there I was at Vinyl, Atlanta, about to shoot their show. From 30 seconds in till the last note, and then carried on well through all day Sunday, I was slightly changed. Ive been exposed to A LOT of music over the years. Rarely does something move me, live, in this way. To name a few, Spiritualized, Sigur Ros, Ben Howard... Bands that take you on an experience during a show. Not just play song after song. Where you are in a room with hundreds/thousands of people at the show and yet it seems like you are the only one there. To actually get lost in the music and the moment, to float away, goosebumps, chills,  all you can do is laugh and smile because its not comprehendable how amazing it is (sans any mind altering drugs).
Caspian is now part of such an amazing list of artists to me.
I bought the latest album at the show. It has taken me 2 days to even start to listen to it. So it has began. And wont be leaving my ears anytime soon.
The opening track starts out soft and beautiful. As if the opening credits to your adventure. They are tuning your ears and mind. Preparing you. As it calmly fades out and track 2, R'oseco, begins, the adventure takes off. A little introduction of some drums, some heavier guitars and bass, and a drive that starts to bring your pulse up. In my opinion, it is track 3, Arcs Of Command, where you possibly realize what you have gotten in to. And at this point its too late.  At 3 minutes in, you think "WOW! WOW! WOW!", but at 7 minutes deep in to the 9 minute track your ears are blistered, face is melted off, and skull ripped completely off. The band has pulled you in to a sonic world of beautiful violence. They have locked on to your ears, mind, and soul. And from this track on, you wont be able to stop. All the while... VERY minimal lyrics, if at all. The music truly leaves it to the listener to create their own thoughts and feelings rather than lead on by someone else's words.

Do not run to itunes and sample this. In no way can you experience this from a sample. Granted, this is not for everyone. If catchy pop tunes with lyrics is your thing, then more than likely, your ears wont tune in to this. And nothing wrong with that. Some people prefer music to just be background noise or just to be fun. It has no intentions of ever wanting to be loved by the masses. Then again, maybe it will change your entire thought process about music and how its
listened to. The full album is streaming, track by track, on their site.

Beautiful, dark, violent, gentle, soft, hard, cinematic, mind expanding, ear opening, exciting, soothing, pulse driving, organized chaos, loud, quiet, takes you to the depths of hell and the heights of heaven, makes you feel warm, leaves you standing in a snow covered field, beats you up and leaving you wanting so much more... Caspian- Dust and Disquiet